About Undercroydon

Jeanne Marie and Susan Beresford | Directors of UnderCroyd
UNDERCROYDON was established in 2000 to increase public art and involve the local community in its development. Directors, Susan Beresford and Jeanne Marie Eayrs are two professional public artists with international experience managing, developing and creating public art work in a context which involves a whole range of artistic abilities.Undercroydon contributes to the physical fabric of the public realm and are enhancing the links between people and places.

Özlem Mehmet
Photographer at Undercroydon
Undercroydon’s Official Photographer
Özlem joined the Undercroydon team in 2008 as their official photographer, the visual documenter of Undercroydon projects.
Özlem lives and works in London as a professional photographer. Özlem’s photography tells a story. Without words, her pictures capture the moment and the emotions that inspire it. Özlem specializes in preserving special occasions for posterity, such as weddings, christenings and celebrations, festivals and shows.
Website: www.ozlemmehmet.com Email: ozlem@ozlemmehmet.com

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